About KEL Credit Repair
KEL Credit Repair is a company built on trust and focused on efficient attention to restore credit scores for our valued clients. With an extensive understanding of the laws that preside over the credit reporting process, the rehabilitation opportunities available through creditors, the FICO scoring model, and proven ways to rebuild credit, we are who you need to restore credit and improve your quality of life.
Laws That Rule Over Credit Reporting
Credit repair companies need to fully understand the laws they are working within. There are federal laws governing the credit bureaus, state laws that may override some federal laws, and rules for exchanging information between credit bureaus and creditors. At KEL, we are intimately aware of these laws, and this enables us to restore credit more efficiently and effectively than other credit repair companies.
Rehabilitation Through Creditors
We restore credit by working with your creditors on original issues. Many lenders offer these solutions. We are familiar with the opportunities and can provide practiced guidance. Other credit repair companies may miss golden opportunities that KEL will be sure to capitalize on for your success.
The FICO Model
FICO determines how much you ultimately spend on every dollar borrowed by increasing or decreasing the interest rate that lenders are willing to give you. We know the FICO model and utilize it to restore credit quickly with more highly specified success than other credit repair companies.
Re-Build And Restore Credit
We know what you need to do to go from the restore credit process to the rebuild mode. We aren’t looking for a quick fix for your credit. We have achieved our goals when you have long-term financial stability and credit scores you can borrow with.
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