Sample Debt Validation Letter: Stop Collection Agency Phone Calls
One effective way, to argue your dispute and stop annoying collection agency phone calls that cause you undue stress or even unnecessary embarrassment in your workplace, is to make sure that the debt collector does his/her job properly in writing. You should also demand for important debt validation information to make sure that everything is above board.
Collection Agency
RE: Request for validation of alleged debt and proper conduct in phone calls and collection efforts
Dear [insert collection agency company here]:
May I request validation of this alleged debt and kindly refrain from all unlawful conduct in your phone calls which are listed as follows [choose any or all that applies to your situation, delete what is not applicable]:
  • Repeated phone calls.
  • Repeated phone calls to third parties such as but not limited to my friends, neighbors, employer, and office mates among others.
  • Phone calls to my workplace. These calls threaten my continued employment.
  • Threats relating to illegal or unintended acts.
  • Threats relating to arrest or seizure of property.
  • Use of obscene, profane, or abusive Language.
  • Revealing debt to any third party.
  • Use or threats of violence.
  • Phone calls during inconvenient times. It is very inconvenient for me to answer your phone calls before 9:00 a.m. and after 9:00 p.m. I have to commute from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. to get to work. Moreover, it is inconvenient for me to answer your phone calls on Sundays since I have a full schedule on those days.
  • Phone calls after your receipt of this letter.
As I understand it, 15 U.S.C. § 1692g(a) allows for 30 days to dispute the validity of this debt that you are collecting on behalf of [insert creditor name here]. Please be advised that I have received your written notice this [insert date when you have received the snail mail] via [ordinary mail | certified mail | registered mail].
Do I correctly understand that it is your duty as a debt collector under the FDCPA to stop all collection efforts such as scheduling a hearing date within this thirty-day debt validation period to ensure that you will not undercut my verification rights until you have validated this debt?
I am only requesting for the minimum information required for the verification/validation of this debt per Chaudhry vs. Gallerizo 174 F.3d394 (4th Cir. 1999) but would greatly appreciate it if you provided more details on the amount of the debt.
Per my records, [choose one or all and delete what is not applicable]
  • the amount being collected is more than the actual debt
  • some items in this alleged debt are not mine
  • this is an old debt which is legally unenforceable
  • this entire alleged debt is not mine
I will bring these records with me in the proper court of law in case of any lawsuit that you might decide to file in the future.
[Insert signature here]
Thomas D. Sample
Enclosures or Attachments:
Notice of alleged debt from your office
Photocopy of the date when notice has been received
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