Shortest Sample Debt Validation Letter to a Collection Agency
Short and long dispute letters serve different purposes. This sample debt validation letter works well for a reputable collection agency with polite agents, hence, it is very brief. You might want to check on the link below if you need stronger letters for debt collector harassment, unresponsive agencies and other situations that may apply to you.
Collection Agency
Re: Request for Debt Validation
Dear [insert collection agency company here]:
Through this certified mail, I would like to request for a written validation or verification of the alleged debt described below in the manner prescribed in Chaudhry vs. Gallerizo 174 F.3d394 (4th Cir. 1999).
Account #:                 90990999JC
Account Name:        Thomas D. Sample
Account Type:          Revolving
I have good reason to believe that this alleged debt is fraudulent and have promptly filed a police crime report upon seeing my latest credit reports.
[Insert signature here]
Thomas D. Sample
Enclosures or Attachments:
Experian Credit Report with highlighted debt
TransUnion Credit Report with highlighted debt
Equifax Credit Report with highlighted debt
Photocopy of Police Crime Report
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