On average per client, KEL’s fast credit repair services remove more questionable items monthly. Check our home page for the figures.
KEL offers monthly pricing for fast credit repair. Our credit repair services come at a reasonable cost, getting you back on track quickly and effectively.
Get your credit score on track with credit repair services from KEL and find financial relief sooner than you though possible. We never charge any setup fees, just a low monthly fee. During those 3 days, a personalized review of your account will be conducted and an efficient strategy for resolving any issues is formulated.
Once you have obtained and delivered to us a credit report, or spoken with one of our team to pull a new copy of your report, you will receive a detailed analysis of your credit, personalized counseling, and a debriefing regarding the dispute process and we will begin our thorough credit repair services.
Your first monthly charge will billed at the start of our relationship and each 30 days thereafter. This monthly charge is all inclusive of the credit repair services; with a monthly service fee, you get all the expertise KEL offers.
Pricing Details For Credit Repair Services
Individual Regular Membership:
Monthly Fee: $59.00
Joint Regular Membership:
Monthly Fees: $99.00
Individual Intervention Membership:
Monthly Fee: $79.00
Joint Intervention Membership:
Monthly Fees: $139.00
The Value For Your Money
Our goals are the same: to provide accurate and expedient credit repair services that truly improve your credit scores and open new opportunities for your future. With the monthly service fee, you receive unlimited credit bureau disputes, creditor and collector interventions, and additional guidance on rebuilding your credit for a successful future.
Fast Credit Repair Services
It is not our goal to keep you on with KEL for years. We want to clean up your credit and get you ready to be on your way to financial success as quickly as possible. With effective, fast credit repair services, you will not be waiting forever to see your credit improve. All situations are different, but you are not committed to any contract and can cancel at any time.
No contracts – cancel membership at any time!
Monthly fees cover all services and expertise – no confusing upgrade options
Get started today – it’s quick and easy!
Call fror a free credit report and consultation
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